Knights & Princess Party

Sweet Dylan turned 5, and celebrated with a Knights & Princesses Party…this one is fun, because if it’s for a birthday GIRL we can turn everything into pinks/purples to go with this theme.  Enjoy!

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Pixies & Pirates Party

Riley turned 3 and we created some fun, whimsical décor for this Pixies & Pirates themed party!  Special thanks to Kristin Michael Photography for the super cute images!

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Monster Party

Cole turned 1, and he growls like a monster, so he HAD to have a monster themed party!

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Football Party

We loved celebrating Carson’s 6th Birthday with our Football Theme!  Fieldhouse USA was an awesome venue to host this party at…kids loved playing flag football and dodgeball! 🙂  Special thanks to Meggie Burr Photography for these incredible images, and to Layered Bake Shop for the super incredible cake and cupcakes!

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Farm Party

We had so much fun creating Farm Party décor for Henry’s 1st Birthday Party!  Special thanks to Golightly Images for these sweet pics!

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Spa Party

We love our new Spa Party package!  Girls love the “Spa Bar” where they can fill their pink caddy with glittery nail files, cotton balls, fun nail polish, and a brush (all favors).  The coloring station was a hit where girls colored “makeup” on the models.  We had another station where girls relaxed with “Spa Smoothies” while enjoying a pedicure…and yet another station where girls were using fabulous ribbon to create their own “Fancy Flip-Flops” that they wore throughout the party and were also party favors.  What a special birthday for this sweet 8 year old!  Let us know if you’re interested in renting our Spa Party décor! Special thanks to Golightly Images for these fun pics!

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Train Party

We had so much fun with Ivan’s Train Party for his 1st birthday!  Kids enjoyed “Crystalized Coal” (rock candy), “Train Tracks” (licorice), “Firebox Fruit” and “Puff Puff Preztels”, to name a few goodies.  They played with lots of fun train sets, threw coal into “Ivan’s Coal Toss”, and made choo-choo arts and crafts.  Special thanks to Golightly Images for these great memories from the party!  Contact us for more info on renting this train party décor!

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Art Party

Sweet Cora turned 3 years old, so we celebrated with an Art Party!  Kiddos loved painting on canvases, enjoying rice krispie treats that resembled paint brushes, and taking home paint can favors with fun arts and crafts inside.  We’re super excited that this party will be featured in Dallas Child Magazine soon…look for us in the January edition! 🙂  All images thanks to Kristin Michael Photography.  Happy birthday, Cora!


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Mad Science Party

Professor Cooper celebrated his 5th birthday party with test tubes, green goo, and goggles!  Guests made their own lava lamps as a fun science experiment. Instead of a birthday cake, kids made their own cupcakes with frosting syringes and toppings in test tubes – that was definitely a highlight!  Our candy bar was beakers filled with atomic gumballs, charged particles (Pop Rocks) and gummy brains.  Favors were mentos with a science experiment for kids to take home.  Professor Cooper and his friends had a blast! Special thanks to Kristin Michael Photography for all of these images!

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Bowtique Party

We had so much fun creating the décor for Riley’s 2nd birthday party!  For the girls, they played in Minnie’s “Bowtique” with fun headbands and necklaces, while the boys wore bow ties!  Minnie herself made an appearance, and the kids had so much fun dancing, playing games, and taking their photo with her.  Special thanks to Kristin Michael Photography for these images!


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Special thanks to Kristin Michael Photography for capturing all the moments of our event!